Kaffee und Kuchen

Kaffee und Kuchen Program 2017

Kaffee und Kuchen program of events 2017

The German Kaffee und Kuchen gatherings are on the last Monday of the month in the Langmeil Lutheran Church Hall, Tanunda, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.  A guest speaker presents. Discussion and conversation over Kaffee und Kuchen follow. The event is informal and is an opportunity to hear and speak German.

February 27th: Michael Wohltmann 

Michael Wohltmann is a former German teacher, who will talk about the The Great War and the treatment of German-Australians in South Australia 1914-1924. He is author of A Future Unlived: A forgotten chapter in South Australia’s history.  

March 27th: Chris Hall 

Mr Chris Hall, German teacher turned sustainability educator, was co-founder of the Barossa Bush Gardens. He will talk about his book Wild Barossa: How plants, people and wildlife connect, a presentation on the biodiversity in the region.

April 24th: Stephan Knoll, MP, Member for Schubert 

Stephan Knoll will talk to us about support for German language teaching in the Barossa. He will update us on the educational, career and economic opportunities for students of German and the value of bilingual education.

May 29th: Peter Mühlhäusler

Professor Emeritus Peter Mühlhäusler established the Discipline of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide. His academic contributions to the study of language include Indigenous language revival, ecolinguistics and revival of the Norfolk language. He will talk about his Forschungen zum Deutsch im Pazifischen Raum.