AGM 2021

BAROSSA GERMAN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION INC. Annual General Meeting—Jahreshauptversammlung Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held at the Langmeil Centre, 25 October, 2021 Steffi Traeger, President of the Barossa German Language Association, welcomed those present and recorded apologies. 36 people attended and there were 4 apologies. The Minutes of 2020 Annual General Meeting were read and… Continue reading AGM 2021

Kaffee und Kuchen

Kaffee und Kuchen September with Gerhard Rüdiger

by John Clarke Giving Back That the Aboriginal people were imposed upon by the white settlers who came to South Australia in 1836 cannot be questioned, but according to Gerhard Ruediger, Kaurna Administration Officer and Researcher at the University of Adelaide, that is not the whole story. Gerhard Ruediger was the guest speaker at the… Continue reading Kaffee und Kuchen September with Gerhard Rüdiger