Bilingual Barossa

Bilingual School is a project for the Re-introduction of Bilingual Education in the Barossa. 

Initiated by Dr Peter Mickan, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, we are planning bilingual teaching of German in the curriculum of schools in the Barossa and region.

International research documents the benefits of bilingual teaching for language learning, for literacy and numeracy development and for efficient use of school resources. Internationally school languages subjects are being replaced with teaching subjects in an additional language.

Update AGM 2022
Peter Mickan put forward a motion to support bilingual education in the Barossa Valley. The motion reaffirmed resolutions from the public meeting of 31st October, 2021 and added:

  1. The meeting calls for the Minister of Education to confirm support of the Department in the re-establishment of bilingual German English programs in South Australia with the allocation of resources and staffing for planning and for preparation of programs and resources in schools.
  2. The meeting requests the Minister of Education to support the BGLA and associated organizations with negotiations with schools and school communities for the re-introduction of bilingual German English programs in South Australian schools.

Peter further proposed a public meeting, to which the Premier of South Australia would be invited, to demonstrate public support for bilingual education. 

The motion received unanimous support.

For further information and to take part in the Bilingual Barossa plan contact 

Peter Mickan,